Medical Care Fund for Poor

Health Care:With every challenge came an opportunity to multiply the presence of the Church. Other than education, health care became a crying need of the hour. The answer: Mercy Hospital at affordable rates, making allowances for those who found it hard financially and giving them even free medical service. This was the Church at its peak – a compassionate and caring Church. With this came the need to open our arms to those physically and mentally challenged like the Cheshire Home run by the Daughters of the Cross; reaching out to the poorest of the poor through Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity in taking care of leprosy patients in Nirmal Hriday, DSWC (Damien Social Welfare Centre) in Dhanbad, and CSWC (Claver Social Welfare Centre) in Rajkharswn, and children abandoned on door steps through Shishu Bhavan, through our Health Centres that provided for those stranded in the rural area. One cannot dismiss the Church’s concern in the field of handling and tackling HIV-Aids. Tuberculosis is another dreaded disease that is taking its toll and can be counted among the agents of a silent killer. St. Joseph's Hospital in Bhilaipahari is an outstanding example – situated quite far from the public eye – but whose contribution to public health speaks volumes.

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