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Find Catholic schools and colleges, contact or learn about the many educational programs and ministry training opportunities within the diocese of Jamshedpur.


1. St. Joseph’s Divyajyoti School, Charbandia, Anandpur: Started by the Ranchi Diocese in 1935. In 1953 the school was handed over to Jamshedpur Diocese.
2. St. Mary’s English Medium School, Bistupur, Jamshedpur: Started by a lay couple Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Rose Mayer in 1943. It was handed over to the Jamshedpur     Diocese in 1979.
3. Sacred Heart Convent School, Sakchi, Jamshedpur: Started by the sisters of Apostolic Carmel (A.C.) in 1945.
4. Loyola School, Northern Town, Jamshedpur: Started by Frs. Cecil Leeming, SJ, and Robert Drugman, SJ, of St Mary’s Parish in 1947.
5. XLRI, Circuit House (East), Jamshedpur: In 1949, Fr Quinn Enright, SJ, rented a small room in the Boulevard Hotel, Bistupur and the first classes began in the KMPM     High School, Bistupur on October 11, 1951.
6. St. Xavier’s Boys School, Chaibasa: Started by the Jesuits in 1953 and handed over to the Diocese.
7. St. Xavier's High School, Lupungutu, Chaibasa: Started in 1953 by the Jesuits.
8. St Xavier’s Girl’s School, Chaibasa: Monsignor John Bodra built the whole set of buildings. The Daughters of St. Ann are running it since 1953.
9. St. Xavier’s Middle School, Lupungutu, Chaibasa: Started by the Jesuits in 1953, and now is run by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth (SCN).
10. St Mary’s Hindi School, Bistupur, Jamshedpur: Started in 1953 by Fr. Charles Durt, SJ. In 1956 the A.C. sisters were asked to take over the administration of the      school.
11. Carmel School Digwadih, Dhanbad: Started in 1955 by the A.C. sisters.
12. De Nobili English School, Digwadih, Dhanbad: Started in 1956 by the Jesuits. Presently, 6 branches of the school are functioning.
13. St. Joseph’s Hindi School, Golmuri, Jamshedpur: Started by Lay ladies in 1957 as “Verandah School.” In 1961, it was transferred to the Sacred Heart Sisters of       Bettiah.
14. St. Robert’s School, Parsudih, Jamshedpur: Started in 1958. Mr. Ignatius Kachachap was the first headmaster and Mrs. Martha Tigga the first headmistress.       Handed over to the Daughters of St. Ann in 1968.
15. Carmel School, Chakradharpur: Started in 1961 by Fr. Neu, SJ. It was started as an English Medium School by the A.C. sisters from Ernakulum. In 1970, they       handed it over to the Ursuline sisters who changed it to a Hindi Medium School.
16. Little Flower School, Telco Township, Jamshedpur: Started by Sisters of Mercy in 1962, and handed over to the sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny in 1974.
17. St. Joseph’s Convent School, Mosaboni: Started by the Sisters of St. Joseph’s of the Apparition in 1966.
18. Nirmala Girls’ School/Hostel, Govindpur, Dhanbad: Started in 1968 by the Jesuits.
19. John de Britto School, Gomoh, Dhanbad: Started in 1968 by the Jesuits.
20. Amar Jyoti School, Mango, Jamshedpur: Started in 1971 by the Sacred Heart Sisters of Bettiah.
21. Carmel Convent School, Dhanbad: Started by the A.C. sisters in 1972.
22. St. Anthony’s School, Dhanbad: Started by Fr. Edward Nash, SJ, in 1972. Handed over to the A.C. sisters in 1978.
23. Loyola College of Education, Jamshedpur: Started in 1976 by the Jesuits.
24. Loyola English Medium School, Taldanga, Dhanbad: Started in 1976 by the Jesuits.
25. De Nobili Hindi School, Digwadih, Dhanbad: Started in 1979 by the Jesuits.
26. Gyandeep Vidyalaya, Birsanagar, Jamshedpur: Facilitated by Fr Jesus Calvo, SJ, it was started in 1980 by a group of lay women; handed over to the Sisters of       Charity of Nazareth (SCN) in 1983.
27. St. Ignatius School, Rengra, Chaibasa: Started in 1982 by the Jesuits.
28. St. Xavier’s School, Tundi, Dhanbad: started in 1983 by the Jesuits.
29. St. John De Britto School, Tepasai, Chakradharpur: Started in 1983 by the Jesuits.
30. St. Teresa School, Jhinkpani: Started in 1990 by the Diocese.
31. Sacred Heart School, Adra: Started in 1990 by the Diocese.
32. Loyola Project School, Jamshedpur: Started in 1992 by the Jesuits.
33. Loyola Academy, Jilling, Purulia: Started in 1992 by the Jesuits.
34. St. Thomas School, Gande Dungri, Jamshedpur: Started in 1993 by the Jesuits.
35. St. Xavier’s English School, Chaibasa: Started in 1993 by the Diocese.
36. Loyola School, Chaira, Dalbhumgarh: Started in 1997 by the Jesuits.
37. Carmel Junior College in Sonari, Jamshedpur: Started in 1997 by the A.C. sisters.
38. St. Anthony’s School, Mango, Jamshedpur: Started in 1997 by the Capuchin congregation.
39. St. Xavier’s School, Basahatu, Chaibasa: Started in 1998 by the Jesuits.
40. Peter Aruppe Centre, Rerua, Dalbhumgarh: Started in 2002 by the Jesuits.
41. Xavier Institute for Tribal Education, Gamharia: Started in 2003 with the objective of providing the tribal students of State of Jharkhand an integrated and innovative      BBA program after their Junior College. It offers skills and techniques for competitive admission test for The Union and State Public Service Commission, and MBA.      At present it offers B.Com and B.C.A. courses also. It also gives free coaching to ST and SC girls with the help of Tribal Culture Society for the Nursing Entrance      test. It is the initiative of XLRI Jesuits.
42. St. Xavier’s Inter College, Lupungutu, Chaibasa: Started in 2004 by the Jesuits.
43. St. Paul Miki School, Bordor, Chaibasa: Started in 2006 by the Jesuits.
44. Kolhan Community College, TRTC, Chaibasa: Started in 2007 by the by Jesuits.
45. De Nobili School, Bhuli, Dhanbad: Started in 2009 by the Jesuits.
46. Xavier’s English School, Gamharia: Started in 2010 by the Jesuits.
47. St. Joseph’s Community College, Mango, Jamshedpur: Started in 2010 in St. Joseph’s Welfare Center by the Diocese

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